Rest assured that with us your money is safe. Check out our refund policy to feel safe and secure.

Make your payments, worry-free

At, your money is safe. To make you feel comfortable when you place an order, we’ve developed a special refund system. Our money-back guarantee allows you to request and receive a refund at any stage of your order.

The reimbursement process with is clear and transparent. Take a look at the cases when a client has the right to a refund to make sure that we are always on your side and ready to help if anything goes wrong.


To cancel an order, please contact our support team by phone or via Live Chat as soon as possible and confirm the cancellation by sending us a message on your order page.

100% of your payment will be refunded if you cancel your order before we assign a writer to work on it.

70% is the refund you can claim if a writer has already been assigned to your paper, which can be confirmed by the order’s status. The same refund can be claimed if less than half of the time has passed between the moment of the order and the deadline.

Up to 50% can be refunded if more than a half of the time has passed between the moment of the order and the deadline.

Up to 30% might be considered after delivery if you haven't downloaded the paper and the circumstances for the order cancellation were beyond your control.

Note: You cannot cancel your order if the paper has been completed and delivered to your order page on time. In this case, you can only request a refund due to quality concerns

Duplicate Payment

If you notice you were charged twice for one order, make sure to contact us. Forward both receipts to our email and the extra payment will be refunded in full as soon as possible

Ordered Twice

I accidently placed two identical orders. Be sure to cancel any orders you don’t need, otherwise, they will be regarded as regular orders and we will proceed with both of them. In this case, the standard procedures for order cancellation and refund will apply, which means you won’t be able to get a 100% refund. To cancel an order you’ve accidentally placed, contact our support team as soon as possible.

My paper was delivered late

If the lateness of your paper is the reason that you are requesting a refund, contact our support team and submit a note on your order page immediately when you notice that the deadline has passed and you haven’t received your paper yet.

If the first version of your paper is delivered after the original deadline, you can request a recalculation of the order’s price according to the time of actual delivery. For example, if an 8-hour-delivery paper was completed an hour late, it would fall into the 24-hour-delivery category and therefore cost less, and the difference in price would be refunded.

If you receive a long-term order (11-14 days or longer) past the deadline, we refund 7% of the cost upon your request.

If the first version of a paper is late and you don’t approve it, you have the right to a full refund. When you receive a full refund, we publish the paper on online platforms for commercial use. Once that happens, the content of that paper links back to our website if googled or checked by plagiarism-detection software.

Note: If a delay occurs due to the late uploading of extra materials on your part, you cannot apply for a lateness refund.

Quality Issues

I am not fully satisfied with the quality of the paper. However, I accept it and will revise it myself. I request a partial refund.

If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of paper you receive, you have three options.

You can request a free revision

You can ask for another writer to be assigned to your order

You can request a partial refund

What should I do to get a refund?

Please contact the support team. Our dispute resolution department reviews your feedback and may refund up to 40% of your money.

Note: If you have failed to provide the information required for dispute resolution within 14 days, your request will be canceled, and no refund will be possible.

What if I have already approved the last version of my order?

In this case, contact our support team via Live Chat, by phone, or through your order page for assistance..

Frequently asked questions

If your refund request is connected with payment issues or if you decide to cancel your order, your request will be processed within 7-10 business days.

If your refund request is connected with quality-based issues, it will be processed within two weeks.

Note: Keep in mind that some banks require more time to process the reimbursement procedure.

When placing an order, provide all the details, files, and links necessary for the completion of your paper.

Keep in touch with your assigned writer. They might need clarifications or additional information to provide you with a high-quality paper.

We are here to take care of any problems. Our support team works 24/7 and is always ready to assist you. Our dispute resolution specialists will help you with any critical issues.

We do our best to assign an appropriate writer to work on your paper, though situations where such a writer cannot be found are still possible. If this does occur, we will ask you whether there is still a sufficient amount of time before the deadline to keep searching. If there is no time left, we will issue you a full refund.

If you want a revision of a finished paper by a different writer, and we can’t find you a suitable expert, our dispute resolution specialist will review your claim. The reimbursement process starts when you place a refund request.

You have 14 days from the delivery of the last version of your paper to request a full refund. You have 14 days from the date of approval of the first version of your paper to request a partial refund.

You have 14 days to approve your order. The time for approval is calculated automatically from the moment the last version of your paper is uploaded to your order page. If you haven’t requested a revision or haven’t approved your order within 14 days, the paper is automatically approved by the system. From the moment the order is approved, you have 14 days to apply for a partial refund. After this period, no refund request is possible.